Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Swimmie That Will Make Your Admirer's Howl

I was in a Target store a couple of weeks ago, and was very surprised to see that they had already stocked shelves with Halloween candies, costumes, and other Halloween themed paraphernalia. It would not be surprising to me if within a couple years stores would start putting out holiday items three months ahead of time, if not more.

Being a virtual merchant/content creator, I thought, "eh, what the hell." So I started brainstorming a swimmie for Halloween.   What you see at your right is what resulted:  two-toned swimmie in gold and black.  The front side, gold; the back side, black.  It has a little menacing black cat on the right thigh, and a white flexi drawstring.  To make it even more fun, I decided this will be a limited edition.  Only 15 will be sold, then it will be gone forever.

Because Menstuff Fashion group has been a great part of my success, I thought I would first offer it to members of the group exclusively for three days.  There are now two days left.  But if you are nervous they might all get snagged, you can head over to RetroSwim and join Menstuff via the group joiner at the front of my store.

I will be designing another Halloween swimmie soon, which will be available closer to the holiday and will not be a limited edition.


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