New Arrivals

Remember when you were a little kid, your first day attending 1st grade?  Your mom marked the inside of your jacket with your name to ensure its return in the even it was lost.  Well, you're all grown up, and maybe it might be a tad ridiculous to mark your name on the inside of your jacket, but who says you can't wear your name on your bum!

I created a swimmie that's kind of faded with grunge lettering that looks a bit worn from too many washings and sea water.  Colors available are green, blue, and red.  The tone-on-tone broken stripes make these swimmies even more unique and stylish.

Masculine, Personalized, and Sexy.  That's RetroSwim's Branded Swimmie! (10/16)

We've just released a new swimmie! It's our new "Not So Basic" Basic Black Swimmie.

This black swimmie has sublte tones of brown and navy which gives basic black a fresher look. Every man should have a basic black suit, basic black shoes, and perhaps a basic black coat, but who says basic has to be boring?

You may not be a superhero, but you'll feel like one in our AquaDude Swimmies.  They make up the second Twin Pak RetroSwim has released.  The Twin Pak contains Aqua and Deep Aqua shades with white or aqua waistbands, and of course a flexi drawstring.   Priced at just 200L, it's not only easy to feel like a superhero, it is also affordable!